A few things we’re great at

Bringing Information from A to B.
No matter where A and B is. As fail-safe as you want.
From Simple Speech up to complex Worldwide intercommunication systems and High resolution Video Transmission.
Via Wire, Fiber, RF, Satttelite.
We solve your task.

Satellite Transmission

Transmission from or to undeveloped terrain in the middle of nowhere with demands of highest quality and reliablitity? We organize your satellite transmission


If distances are too long or the environment does not allow to use wire based transmission, we have the right RF equipment for you to transmit your Audio, Video, Data

Wire & Fiber

The standard in transmission Audio, Video and Data: Special wires and fibers for failsafe highspeed transmission in highest quality.

Our Service For You

You decide about our service: consulting, advisory, execute, dry hire, full service.