About Us

About Us

After deep experience on the telecommunication, broadcast and technology markets, Ambiance TV GmbH has been launched at 2008. Since the first day, we are following the innovation, next, solution and honesty keywords to have an unique relationship with our customers. We are working for high level technology manufacturers, system integrators, TV and Radio stations all around the world with wide range of services and equipments. Since many years we have focused on the Video over IP and Audio over IP Solutions. We are delivering the system-design, integration, consultancy and support services for all biggest IP based broadcasting projects. 

What we can do for you?

Ambiance TV GmbH has different level of services and solutions to wide-range customers from broadcast, production, show-event, technology and industry markets.

System Integration

Telecommunication, Broadcast and Technology system integration solutions for TV Studios, Production facilities, MCRs, OBVANs, DSNGs and more.

Research & Development

Product and Solution testing, reporting, inovation and implementing with new technologies.

Planning & Design

Plannig and Design of any size of broadcast and technology facilities, venues and mobile stations.

Consultancy & Project Management

Consultancy and Management services for Huge scales of projects and financial processes.


Telecommunication solutions with mobile radio relay stations, up to 100km range point-to-point network solutions, Satellite communication C-Band, Ka-Band, Ku-Band, RF transmittion services.

Rental Equipment

Wide-range of rental equipment are world-wide available on your demand for any scale of organisation. production equipment (Audio, Video and Lighting) for filming or events, obvans, mobile or particular broadcast equipment, telecommunication, wide band (up to 100 Gbps) network systems, aerial fleet (air planes, ballons, drones)